He would jump up and look out of the cat's eyes as long as the door there was a little noise. He followed her to the park, ran behind her for the fifth day, and finally let him wait for the chance to get close to her. Her cell phone fell out of her pants pocket, but she didn't notice it. When he picked up the green cell phone and grabbed it in the palm of his hand, his heart stopped beating with excitement. He ran after her and called her. She was so scared that she almost misunderstood him as a villain who wanted to do something wrong. She didn't know. She expressed thanks and apologies to him again and again, which made him want to stop laughing. She likes to go to the small restaurant downstairs to eat the spicy hot. Several times he saw her walk into the hotel and run in quickly, creating the illusion of natural encounter. In fact, he didn't want to eat that kind of food at all, just wanted to sit with her. Even if no one talks, his mood is happy, even if he comes back and secretly soaks instant noodles to fill his stomach. They gradually become familiar with each other, becoming a shadow of each other, knowing each other's name, work, and preferences. It's just that he didn't tell her that he was hiding - he had a special love wall for her. He still insists on painting his love on the wall of love, which has occupied most of the wall. Now he is more confident. When the painting is full, there will be a thousand. He must let her stand in front of the love wall and bravely express his love to her.